Skyworth’s GLED in the Spotlight in 2014 Energy Saving Exposition

September 04,2014


    The 5th China (Shenzhen) International Energy-saving Emission Reduction & New Energy Industry Exposition (ESER), co-hosted by China Industrial Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association, the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, the Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and the Housing and Construction Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, was held as a big event in the energy-saving and environmental protection industry in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from 26 Aug. to 28 Aug. 2014. 

    As the only color TV maker invited to this expo, our brand new 4-color 4K GLED products made their first appearance in the expo and were highly recognized by the guests from the government and industry sectors. We had five subsidiaries attending the expo, i.e. Skyworth Color TV, Skyworth Optical-electronic, Skyworth LED Lighting, Skyworth Electrical Appliances and the online brand—COOCAA. According to the official statistics of the expo, it attracted over 30,000 professional visitors, especially on the first day.    

    4 Color 4K Technology Widely Recognized and GLED in the Spotlight 

    At this expo, our representative GLED products are presented—the G8200 series. As one of the core strategic new products of Skyworth in the coming future and approved as a national major project of core electronic devices, high-end generic chips and basis software, GLED adopts the HiSilicon chip—China’s first smart TV chip with proprietary intellectual property rights, the 4-color 4K+ screen (note: The 4-color 4K+ screen adopts the MEMC screen stabilization technology on the basis of the 4-color 4K screen and still belongs to the 4-color 4K series.), and the OLED core technology (the most high-end LED type and the real favorite in the LED TV industry, much better than the common LED and the medium and high-end LED-ULED). At the expo, we set up a 4-color 4K extreme definition cinema for viewers. And the excellent display and operation speed were well received by the viewers and the new product of 4-color 4K+ GLED in particular came under the spotlight. 

    GLED, short for “Geek LED” or “Geek Internet TV”, is a brand new generation of LED TV developed by Skyworth. It adopts the 4-color 4K+ technology, the 14-core processor, the COOCAA system and professional backstage service. In order to make new breakthroughs, thoroughly improve the definition and usability of LED TV and create the perfect LED TV, joining hands with LG Display, Huawei HiSilicon and some other top manufacturers at home and abroad, we initiated an ultimate project regarding LED TV. Upon untiring exploration, GLED TV was finally invented and introduced to the world. GLED TV thoroughly improves the picture quality based on the LED TV imaging principle and adopts the 4-color 4K core technology which could only be found in OLED TV, making it the best LED TV. 

    As the Only Color TV Maker Invited to the Expo, Skyworth Brings a Wide Variety of Products 

    Besides color TVs—the core product of Skyworth, we also brought products of Skyworth Lighting, COOCAA, Skyworth Optical-electronic and Skyworth Electrical Appliances. The Skyworth Electronic Doctor integrating the interactive electronic whiteboard and other hardware exhibited by Skyworth Optical-electronic combines the display technology and the touch-sensitive technology and is able to perform functions of control by touch, audio and video, playing, writing, marking, etc. by means of carrying various software. Its HD super screen provides a high-end visual effect. And its multipoint touch-sensitive technology provides a better fingertip experience. Meanwhile, we have been increasing the input to consumer appliances. Upon three years of development, the sales volumes of refrigerators and washing machines both exceed 1,000,000 units. With a diversified product range, Skyworth is going forward towards the goal of annual revenue of RMB 100 billion.