Skyworth Releases Globally First 4K HDR TV of Mass Production, Aiming to Expand Its International T

June 06,2015

    (Taipei, June 1, 2015) Skyworth, the leader of color TV of China, join hands today with Realtek Semiconductor, a global top supplier of IC chips to officially unveil the globally first 4K HDR TV G8210 which has been put into mass production in Taipei, officially stepping into the global market of high-end TV. The two also officially declare to establish a strategic partnership on the release event and they also plan to establish a joint lab. According to Liu Tangzhi, the president of Skyworth Color TV, with the rapid development of HDR contents, the market share of 4K HDR TV is set to witness a substantial growth. In the future, Skyworth will actively and rapidly promote the 4K HDR TV in the major consumer markets such as Europe and America and join hands with its partners to stride towards the global leading camp with the help of the growth experience of China, the globally largest single market and by combining its three advantages in technology, price and service.

    This is the second time for the two industrial engines to join hands after Skyworth and Realtek unveiled the globally first-ever UHD 4Kx2K (Ultra High Definition) TV in Beijing in 2012, which took Chinese consumers from the era of FHD to the era of UHD. This release event is held one day prior to the internationally reputed Computex Taipei, with a view to attract the attention from global household appliance and digital industries and highlight the determination of the mainland and Taiwan to stride towards the international market hand in hand. Currently, Skyworth is the color TV brand ranked No. 1 in China and ranked top ten worldwide and is ranked 13th among the top 100 electronics enterprises of China. Realtek Semiconductor is the leader of IC design industry of Taiwan, ranked top worldwide in both technical capacity and product process.

    4K Not Enough, HDR Technology to Become New Mainstream of TV

    Surpassing Pore Screen, Skyworth to Launch a New Revolution for Eyeballs

    The G8210 TV unveiled this time is the first 4K HDR TV to achieve mass production globally and is jointly developed by Skyworth and Realtek. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is currently the globally hottest advanced technology in the industries of display and TV and film contents. 4K HDR is an image processing technology more advanced than 4K. Under the match of HDR films and HDR TV, the colors displayed on the TV appear more vivid. The contrast ratios of the brightest and darkest images are higher and the objects in the pictures also appear more lifelike. Technical specialists of Hollywood film producers have begun to produce HDR contents.

    The brightness of most TV in the current market is around 400 nits. Adopting RTD2997H chip jointly developed by Skyworth and Realtek, the Skyworth 4K HDR TV increases the brightness of the screen to 900 nits, which has made the scenes closer to the real world. Since the chip is configured with a quad-core 64 bit CPU, it can process 60P 4K/10bit HEVC code stream and own the best decoding capability in the current industry. Besides, Skyworth 4K HDR TV has also added backlight control technology with proprietary intellectual property, which features high dynamicity, high brightness and high contrast, and has achieved LED dynamic and multi-partitioned light processing. With the backlight drive control of 900 nits, it can provide an image processing capability with a higher breadth, a higher accuracy and a higher dynamic range of images.

    Liu Tangzhi, the president of Skyworth Color TV, points out, "When 4K TV was unveiled, it was dubbed as pore screen, which means, its high resolution has made the pores of figures in the pictures clearly displayed under a normal brightness. In the future, after adding the HDR technology, the TV can further show equally wonderful details of the pores of figures in the pictures that are either too dark or too bright. Therefore, with HDR technology, whether in daytime or night time, pores can be seen clearly."

    Other than introducing 4K HDR technology and exclusive backlight control technology and establishing a benchmark of TV appreciation for the future, Skyworth has also declared to introduce a new multi-media entertainment value-added scheme to the new product launched this time. Currently, Skyworth not only has a TV portal net--Coocaa net, but also integrates multi-media supports such as TV net, Internet and streaming media and guides the consumers to enjoy a new life of 4C integrated entertainment era. In 2015, Skyworth continues with its strong brand momentum and global business strategy. And considering the trend of popular culture of the Mainland and Taiwan sweeping the globe, this year other than sponsoring the Duets a music show of BTV led by Jam Hsiao, Skyworth also plans to sponsor the annual blockbusters at home and abroad in the second half of this year. Meanwhile, it will unveil its brand spokesperson of 2016, thereby promoting the brand of Skyworth into a brand new era once more.

    Skyworth and Realtek Join Hands, Aiming the First Spot of TV Sale Volume in Taiwan Market

    The 4K TV of China runs ahead of Europe and America, ranked top in the world in its popularizing rate. The six domestic giants of TV industry headed by Skyworth have accounted for 78.2% of the market of China, far ahead of Japanese and Korean color TV brands which account for 13%. Among them, what is the most eye-catching is that Skyworth is ranked first in sale volume. By March 31, 2015, Skyworth had sold a total of 13.174 million TV sets during the last financial year, about 1.17 million sets more than the anticipated target of 12 million sets set for last year by the company, up 16% year on year from the previous financial year. Skyworth expresses, such an excellent sale performance has originated from the ceaseless upgrade of cooperative research and development with partners and the deepening and extending of its brand marketing network.

    On the release event, senior executives of both sides express when talking of their strategic alliance that Skyworth lays a special emphasis on the strategic layout of innovative technologies and develops differential products with high additional values by closely cooperating with its partner. Enterprises of Taiwan occupy a critical status in software and hardware technologies of global electronic products, among which Realtek is a strong player. Its mature development in TV chips and leading technologies of IC chips are a wonderful supplement to the advantages accumulated by Skyworth over the time in the areas such as TV modules, color and image technologies, backlight and overall research and development, manufacture and brand operation. The fruits achieved from the alliance of the two giants are reflected in their eye-catching financial statements, which has been a win-win situation. This time, by jointly unveiling the first 4K HDR TV with Realtek, it is an important step taken by Skyworth to march into the Taiwan market and spread the high-end products of Skyworth into the world.

    Liu Tangzhi further points out, facing the Taiwan market dominated by Japanese and Korean brands, Skyworth has the confidence to become first-line color TV brand in Taiwan in the following two years. From the beginning, Skyworth has adopted a competitive strategy for Taiwan market. Targeting the functions, models and prices of high-end products of overseas brands, it has come up with more competitive product strategy and market strategy, so as to gradually scramble for the market shares of overseas brands. Skyworth aims to become the No. 1 TV brand in Taiwan in the end. For example, the G8210 released this time, compared with 65-inch rival products of overseas brands, is configured with 4K and HDR features, boasting a self-evident high cost performance, and taking the lead in technology ahead of overseas TV makers.
    Skyworth Joins Hands with Global Top-notch Industrial Leaders to Fully Expand the Layout of Internationalization

    As global leader of color TV, the rise of Skyworth is also closely related with the cooperation with global industrial leaders, other than reasons such as grasping the opportunities of reform and opening up of China and China's entry into WTO. In Taiwan, Skyworth has maintained a close cooperation with Realtek. They will also set up a joint lab and speed up the industrialization of new technologies and the releasing pace of new products. It has also maintained a close cooperation with InnoLux the leader of panel industry, Chi Mei Corporation the leader of light guide plate industry, MStar Semiconductor a supplier of chips and Nanya Technology, etc.

    In the European and American regions, Skyworth has officially purchased Metz, a high-end TV maker of Germany today and stepped into the developed markets of Europe for the first time. It has actively constructed and deployed its overseas production bases to shorten the coverage radius of supply chains and rapidly realize a large-scale operation of overseas market. It has also made attempts to effectively transfer the current research and development and manufacture system of Metz to Skyworth, so that Skyworth will directly own the "genes of Germany" such as advanced technologies, top-notch design and unrivalled quality. Riding on the wind of "Germany Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025", it will blaze a better and faster development path for its international markets.

    After purchasing the TV business of Metz, the number of overseas subsidiaries of Skyworth worldwide has increased to nine. Currently, Skyworth is also actively deploying processing factories in Southeastern Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa, building supply chain centers, with a view to build a globalized supply chain system. As such, Skyworth has disclosed eight specific overseas strategic paths, which cover aspects such as research and development, marketing, supply chain, brand and capital operation.

    Looking into the future development of international TV market, Skyworth expresses, it hopes that with the key of 4K HDR TV, it aims to fully open the door of the global high-end TV market, smoothly expand markets including Taiwan and infuse new powerful supports for it to realize its strategic income target to "achieve a business revenue of 50 billion Yuan by the financial year of 2015 and a business revenue of 100 billion Yuan by the financial year of 2020". By 2017, Skyworth wishes to realize its sale volume target of 10 million color TV sets in overseas markets, among which its independent brand accounts for 30%; by 2020, Skyworth will be able to reach its ambitious vision of a sale volume of 15 million sets, among which its own brand accounts for 50% and realize a great expansion of its global territory.