Coocaa and YY Forming OTT Alliance on Cross-border Cooperation

August 18,2015

    Recently, Coocaa TV and YY joined hands for the first time and officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Shanghai ChinaJoy (China Digital Entertainment Expo&Conference, it is the most influential event in the global field of digital interactive entertainment). The strong-strong alliance between both sides is aimed to let the users enjoy the fun of live broadcast of gaming on a larger screen and enhance the user experience.

    Strong-strong alliance on cross-border cooperation

    Since this year, Coocaa TV has been very active and ranked among the first camp of Internet TV with Xiaomi and LeTV in a short period. Coocaa has always focused on Internet TV, which has rolled out Internet TV products such as A43 and A55 in succession. Facing the rapid innovation of the entire TV industry, it is also searching for a new sally port for development.

    In this June, YY integrated several business modules such as Duowan game net, Huanju game and Huya Live Broadcast. It has established a one-stop, all-connected and barrier-free gaming platform with interactive entertainment contents such as game release, game information, online community, gaming tools and online live broadcast and has become a giant in this field.

    As the largest video live broadcast network in China, YY has 450 million registered users and a group of 50 million young gamers. Considering the development in the OTT field, YY naturally wants to find a company that also boasts rich resources and solid technical strength as its partner. Coocaa, which has a strong performance recently, no doubt is its best choice.

    Through this cooperation, Coocaa TV can infiltrate into the younger consumer group of YY, while through Coocaa TV, YY can have access to the off-line resources of Internet TV terminal of tens of millions of users. Nonetheless, this cross-border cooperation will be a win-win cooperation for both sides strategically.

    Coocaa also wants to break the barriers and gaps for innovation with this cooperation and provide users with more individualistic products and services, and present an ultimate user experience and more precise user values. The cooperation of Coocaa with YY is an attempt of innovation in the industry of Internet TV.
    Focusing on the brand, show your attitude in the gaming

    Coocaa brand is mainly geared to the young consumers. "Show your attitude in the gaming" is the brand slogan of Coocaa. YY has a large number of young users. As two brands for young people on the Internet, they can establish a good relationship in the cross-border cooperation.

    YY boasts massive game live broadcast resources, with a huge number of young users, while Coocaa boasts 15 million activated users and 4 million active users every day. Through the strong-strong alliance between both sides, it will enable the users to enjoy the live broadcast game contents on the large screen.

    Coocaa unveiled a TV for the iFans in July--Coocaa A55 flagship version, focusing on the more picky iFans. It is easy to see that Coocaa with a challenging spirit also wants to convey its brand breath of youth and vigor and brand connotation of "showing your attitude in the gaming" to everyone.
    User integration, experience upgrade

    In fact, most young consumers watch live broadcast on their computer end. The cooperation between both sides, to a certain extent, will make many users give up the small screen, for they can watch more smoothly the live broadcasts on the large screen of TV and enjoy a visual and audio feast on a larger screen and from a shorter distance. It will truly achieve an upgrade to the user experience.

    At the exhibition area of YY at the site of Shanghai ChinaJoy, a top-class gaming team of China, EDG, and a top-class gaming team of Korea, STK1, staged a competition of hero alliance, which was live broadcasted online and off-line under the title sponsor of Coocaa. The EDG gaming team has signed on two Coocaa A55 flagship version TV, which will be put on auction on the Coocaa website on August 5. Meanwhile, signed T shirts and baseball caps will be given out as a gift. And you might also have a chance to train with EDG.