Skyworth and Germany Metz Appeared on IFA Berlin, Declaring the March into European Market

September 04,2015

    On September 2, 2015 Beijing Time, Skyworth and Metz, a famous high-end household appliance brand of Germany, co-hosted a news conference at Skyworth exhibition booth of IFA Berlin. As the first public event co-hosted by the two brands since Metz was acquired by Skyworth this June, this news conference had attracted a lot of overseas media journalists to cover it. It's reported that the exhibition scale was unprecedented, with the area of exhibition booth as wide as 850㎡, which was the largest one among Chinese household appliance exhibitors. It indicates that Skyworth has determined to march into the markets of Germany and even Europe.

    On the conference, senior leaders of Skyworth and Metz addressed wonderful speeches. Liu Tangzhi, the president of Color TV Business Division and vice president of Skyworth Group, presented the overseas strategy of Skyworth to "march from Germany to European market" to European media journalists. He first introduced that Skyworth is a large consumer electronics brand of China. In Chinese market, Skyworth TV ranks No. 1 in the market share, so does Skyworth set top box. The gross sales amount of Skyworth Group in the fiscal year of 2014 was as high as 40.125 billion HK dollars, with a net profit at 3.315 billion HK dollars; the mission of Skyworth is to provide customers with extraordinary digital audio and video enjoyment, the vision of Skyworth is to create an internationally outstanding consumer electronics brand, and the core values of Skyworth are mutual benefits and integrity. Later Liu explained the European strategy of Skyworth. Skyworth keeps a close watch on European market. In the future, only 4-5 TV brands are estimated to survive in the European market, and it's highly possible that Skyworth will be one of the survivors. Besides, in the European market, Skyworth will launch two product brands. On one hand, the brand Skyworth will be oriented towards the mass market, and the products thereunder will be manufactured strictly in accordance with the standards of Germany; on the other, the brand Metz will be oriented towards the high-end market, and the products thereunder will continue to be manufactured by Germany. Furthermore, the European strategy of Skyworth will be divided into three steps. The first step is to enter the German market, the second step is to enter French market and the final step is to march into the whole European market. For the purpose of realizing its European strategy, Skyworth will establish a European R&D Center. The brand of Skyworth is planned to widely spread the whole European market in three years and ensure the products it manufactures are strictly in accordance with the quality standards of Germany, so that in five years, Skyworth is set to be the top three TV brands in Europe. Finally, Liu stressed, "Our dream now is that Skyworth brand can be spread across the European market starting from Germany and I wish that Skyworth will be as strong as the national soccer team of Germany!" Dr. Kotzbauer, the CEO of Metz, recognized the continual growth of Skyworth and he believed that in the future, the two brands will make a brilliant achievement in the European market.

    Near the close of the news conference, the staffers of Skyworth and Metz exhibited the products and latest technologies to the media journalists. On the IFA this year, Skyworth released a 98-inch 8K TV as its main exhibition product, whose screen is provided by LGD, with a resolution rate as high as 7680x4320, 16 times higher than FHD, and is able to convert 4K into 8K. The other main product exhibited by Skyworth was 65G8210, which features HDR (High Dynamic Range), an overwhelming display technology which can achieve a higher dynamic range and present more image details and thus can better reflect the visual effect in the real environment. Besides, its backlight is composed of 108 independent light bulbs, which can automatically adjust the brightness of pictures. The Air series (G9200 and G7200) has been the flagship products of Skyworth from the beginning of this year, which have been praised by media journalists on the site for its 7.5mm thickness and a simple and fashionable design. Skyworth OLED 4K TV S9300 was also a highlight in the exhibition booth. This product has a screen of only 4.9mm thickness, plus its super high contrast ratio, an extremely broad color gamut and angle of visibility, thus greatly enhancing the user's experience.

    Besides, a smart home experience hall was also established in the exhibition booth of Skyworth, which exhibited various diversified products independently developed by Skyworth such as fridges, washing machines, air-conditioners and lights. At the center of the exhibition hall a Skyworth TV was placed there, which was embedded with a smart home program to enable users to operate and control each product in the experience hall. The smart home is a dream of Skyworth. In the future IFA events, we will witness how Skyworth turns this dream into a reality.

    This news conference has showed Skyworth’s ambition to march into the European market to overseas customers and distributors. We are convinced that the collaboration between Skyworth and Metz will be an important milestone for Chinese household appliance to go global.