OLED and HDR of Skyworth Group Combine to Sweep CES2016

January 13,2016

    The globally largest trade fair of consumer electronic products--CES kicked off in Las Vegas, USA, a city famous for casinos, from January 6 to 9, 2016. As a wind vane of global world of science, technology and consumer electronics, CES has attracted many a consumer electronic enterprise from home and abroad. On the platform of CES 2016, Chinese enterprises have showed up their momentum, brought and displayed more diversified products than previous years, all showcasing their "trump card" products to compete with cutting-edge technologies and products of the world.

    During the exhibition, Skyworth Group, as the director of China OLED Industrial Development Alliance, showcased its OLED organic TV equipped with HDR technology. Meanwhile, Skyworth's smart home project made its debut in the CES. It is reported that it is the second time for Skyworth Group to engage in the world's household appliance industrial competition as a comprehensive household appliance group after Berlin IFA in last year and showcase its brand charm featuring internationalization, diversification and intelligence.


    Skyworth S9300 TV Brings Organic OLED into Global Consumer Households

    The exhibition booth of Skyworth is located at the South Hall of No. 1 Pavilion, with an area one time larger than that in previous years, which indicates that Skyworth has taken the CES 2016 as a chance to test their brand internationalization and become increasingly confident in the global competition.

    Such confidence has originated from its focus on products and unremitting innovation, thus helping Skyworth conquer the international market with products, technologies and strength.

    Take the currently prevailing OLED technology as an example. Unlike other TV enterprises which were sitting on the fence years ago, Skyworth has embraced OLED TV enthusiastically without hesitation and taken the initiative to make a deployment in OLED technology, creatively integrate resources and actively create conditions for volume production of OLED. In 2015, Skyworth already took the lead in global color TV industry, took the initiative to achieve volume production of 4K OLED TV S9300, which was put at the most eye-catching position in the exhibition booth of Skyworth.

    It's known to all that OLED display technology uses self-luminous material and adopts a very thin and flexible organic coating and glass substrate. When electrical current passes through, these organic materials will emit light. OLED TV has realized self-illumination of pixel points. Each pixel point can independently control its illumination. Therefore, when OLED TV displays all black, it seems that the whole TV is turned off. When black objects are displayed under a black background in the OLED TV, their details can all be displayed to present a wonderful black field effect.

    S9300 series adopt 4-color 4K self-luminous object as their display core, which has enhanced the OLED brightness. Other features include without limitation, configuration with all-gamut audio equipment of JBL, a world top-class audio equipment maker; the narrow body as thin as 5.21 mm; and a super quick screen response time less than 0.001ms, which is above 8,000 times faster than that of LED TV.

    Such an epoch-making revolutionary display product has outshined similar products in the market. On the CIIF 2015, it won a "gold prize for industrial design", another prize winner of the same prize was C919, a China-made big airplane. It is fair to say that the China-made big airplane C919 has supported the new backbone of China's aeronautical manufacture industry, while Skyworth S9300 adopting the cutting-edge self-luminous display technology has brought the organic OLED into consumer households worldwide.

    S9300 made a big success after being put into market and stirred up a sensation in the industry. Not long ago, Panasonic declared to restart its OLED project; Samsung which had given up OLED before reached a patent settlement with LGD and declared to return to OLED strategy after three years; Hisense which used to disdain OLED had witnessed a complete change in its attitude on a release conference held recently and declared that it would soon roll out OLED products as long as consumers like them. All signs indicate that OLED has a promising future. Skyworth looks far ahead and aims high and leads the world along the path of this significant display revolution. As the director of China OLED Industry Development Alliance, in recent years, Skyworth will spare no effort in promoting OLED technologies and products.

    Skyworth Combines OLED and HDR, Industrial Peers Follow Its Step
    An overlook of the update history of LED TV display technologies indicates that 4K technology has improved definition, quantum dot and wide color gamut have enhanced the colors, while Local Dimming has made a contribution to contrast ratio. HDR technology has improved the overall image quality from the following three dimensions, brightness, colors and contrast ratio at the same time.
    The true HDR technology adopts HDR core and HDR screen, which can restore the image details without any loss. Wherein, HDR core supports decoding of 10bit or above HDR videos. HDR screen features a high brightness and brightness partition control technology. The 65G8210 exhibited by Skyworth on the CES is equipped with HDR technology, which can provide more dynamic ranges and image details and can better reflect the visual effect in the real environment.

    Other than 65G8210 product, currently, Skyworth has creatively combined two cutting-edge technologies of color TV, namely, OLED and HDR and released Skyworth organic OLED TV S9, which stimulates another around of learning and competition within the industry. S9 features a brightness as high as 800nit, a fancy black field performance, a limitless contrast ratio, a full color gamut display and 33.17 million maximum partitions, which provide a powerful hardware support for the HDR display. It can be said that the combination of the two technologies has lent advantages to each other.
    Liu Tangzhi, president of color TV business headquarters of Skyworth, expressed, OLED is a technology full of imagination. Skyworth will promote it steadfastly. HDR, an important technology of display industry, is also set to become a new display standard. The combination of the two technologies is set to become the trend of the industry.

    GLED Air Series Exhibit Chinese "Colors" to the World

    On the CES, 28 Skyworth GLED Air series TVs were arranged as a formation, so as to display the application level of 4K UHD TV technology in China's color TV industry to the CES and global clients.

    From the beginning of 2015, GLED Air series products have always been the flagship products of Skyworth. They all adopt an original 4-color 4K Air screen of LED, with newly added with white pixels to greatly enhance the brightness and contrast ratio of the images; the backlight source adopts a better LED bead material, which has greatly enhanced the color saturation degree and made the images more gorgeous; embedded D-BEF brightness enhancing film can concentrate the scattered lights and enhance the utilization rate of lights, thereby enhancing the brightness, making the darkness details clearer. Therefore, it has become a TV with a "splendid" overall image quality in the market.

    The "splendid image performance" of GLED Air has made Skyworth 4K TV stand out in the market competition. By September 30, 2015, Skyworth had taken the first place in the accumulated sales volume of 4K UHD TV, LED TV and all TVs in the Chinese market. In the past year, GLED Air series has changed the consumption outlook of common consumers thanks to its super high cost performance and excellent quality. Currently, in China, lightness and thinness has become a standard for consumers in purchasing a smart TV.

    Skyworth Smart Home Made Its Debut in CES

    As a key direction for the future development of Skyworth Group, Skyworth smart home experience pavilion has made its debut in the CES, which exhibited diversified smart products developed independently by Skyworth, such as 8K TV, fridge, washing machine, air-conditioner, M105 teaching tablet and lightings.

    By last March, Skyworth had gradually carried out the smart home strategy. By joining hands with all industrial companies under Skyworth Group and third party hardware producers and developers, it has adopted standardized and conforming hardware and software communication protocols to create a smart life environment emphasizing on user perception and experience and finally established an open and benign smart home ecological system.

    Up to date, Skyworth Smart Home Platform has joined hands with nine partners, which can support six fields and more than a hundred smart devices. In the near future, with the joining of more partners, the Smart Home Life Experience will be perfecting.