"Spirit of the Craftsman" Boosts Skyworth into "Top 100 Companies Listed in Hong Kong"

May 06,2016

    Recently, CHW.Net and Tencent Net jointly held an awarding ceremony for the top 100 companies listed in Hong Kong in 2015 (referred to as "Top 100 HK"). The "Top 100 HK" list is committed to become the most accepted and credible ranking list of listed companies in Hong Kong, establish a new benchmark of values for the stock market of Hong Kong and provide the investors with a guide to high-value investment. Based on neutral and objective standards, the list has attracted much attention and trust from all quarters of the society since its launch and is closely watched by the capital market each year. This year the list has been commented and praised by 22 "big shots" such as Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong's chief executive, and Jasper Tsang, President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

    Similar to the rules of previous years, the ranking list this year covers financial data taken from the final annual report released before December 31, 2015. Companies qualified for the list shall at least have a market value at or above 5 billion HKDs or a net profit at or above 200 million HKDs by December 31, 2015. The candidates covers all companies listed on the main board of Hong Kong. Considering their performance in market values, turnover, post-tax net profits, return on equity and total shareholder's return, the judge panel, which comprises senior professionals from each major professional investment bank, securities dealer, financial associations, the accounting and legal circles, recommends a list featuring a balance of different aspects of business operating.
    From the bull market to the stock market crash, the global capital market went through ups and downs in 2015. The ranking list newly released represents significant changes in ecology of Hong Kong stock market. A review of the ranking list reveals that it is dominated by real estate developers, banks and state-owned enterprises. The high-tech manufacture enterprises seem to be "incompatible with" the list. Skyworth Digital has stood out as a dark horse from the industry of household appliance. 
    Skyworth has also won several awards such as "Soaring Enterprises Top 10" and "Top 10 enterprises with highest investment values". What's worth mentioning is that Skyworth is the only comprehensive household appliance enterprise to be listed in all these awards. With a strong development momentum, it is remarkably eye-catching for its rapid growth of strength and values.

    As a big event to the capital market, it is a recognition and promotion of the influence and brand value of an enterprise to be included in the list of "top 100 companies in Hong Kong stock market". It's noteworthy that the manufacture sector has always taken an extremely low proportion in the list, especially the household appliance manufacture industry. Therefore, it was really a big surprise that Skyworth entered the list this time. But, on the other hand, the manufacture sector is the manifestation of a country's comprehensive strength. In recent years, the household appliance manufacture industry of China has developed rapidly, with a growing market share. Skyworth is a representative of the industry.

    It was reported that the total sales volume of the fiscal year from April 2015 to March 2016 in Chinese market reaches 10.036 million sets, growing 6% year on year. It is the first color TV enterprise to achieve an annual sales volume of 10 million sets in China. All of these originate from the excellent quality created by Skyworth as well as the customers’ trust in the brand of Skyworth.

    A close review of the brand connotation of Skyworth indicates that this enterprise is closely related with a key word, "Spirit of the Craftsman". Perhaps, this is the main reason for Skyworth to stand out. No doubt, the capital market eyes current values, but it also attaches a higher importance to the values of future development.

    As a low-profile and pragmatic enterprise, Skyworth has taken the "thorough productism" as its creed since its startup in 1988. Devoted to the color TV market with fierce competition, it has taken product quality and technical innovation as a major goal of the enterprise for 28 years without any sluggish moment. In 2015, due to quality defects of a Taiwan IC manufacturer, an upstream supplier, Skyworth dismantled 5,000 completed TV sets, over which even the supplier shed tears. However, Skyworth has maintained its "Spirit of the Craftsman" and business integrity by reducing over half production capacity of that TV model.

    Up to date, Skyworth has developed from a color TV enterprise to a comprehensive large household appliance group integrating diversified products such as color TV, fridge, washing machine, air conditioner and set top box. It has taken big strides towards its goal of 100-billion Yuan sales amount with the strategies of "Intelligence, Diversification, Internationalization" and its "Spirit of the Craftsman".

    The glory of being listed among "top 100 enterprises of Hong Kong stock market" has not come by accident. It's the payoff achieved overtime by Skyworth, an enterprise that tries to create products with "Spirit of the Craftsman". Different from those Internet based enterprises that emphasizes on propaganda, Skyworth has always been down-to-earth and talked with products rather than attracting consumers with dazzling business modes. Most enterprises will have crevice between innovation and quality. New products usually mean unsteady quality. However, Skyworth seems to have never been bothered by similar problems. The reason is that it has persisted in "strictly controlling product quality" and never released unsteady products out of the factory. As deeply understood by all Skyworth employees, innovation must be established on the foundation of a profound technological deposit. Quality is the lifeline of products. Any "fruits" that seek quick success and instant benefits will only be a flash in the pan.

    Before the production of OLED TV S9300, Skyworth has no similar products to compare and contrast. But Skyworth has not only achieved a breakthrough in technology and quality, but has taken the first spot in industrial design and audio and image quality. Therefore, it has won CIIF award together with the national project - C919 airplane. Whether in sales market or in exhibitions, Skyworth products have won extensive praises from the customers. All this originated from its solid technical strength and quality management. The works carved with the "Spirit of the Craftsman" are recognized to be reliable by "fault-picking" rivals and shrewd customers.

    Every famous enterprise with a long history in the world elaborates its understanding in the "Spirit of the Craftsman" with their products. Today when "China's Manufacture" and "Internet+" are integrated, the "Spirit of the Craftsman" is endowed with a deeper connotation from the innovation and reform of the Internet Spirit. Thanks to its insight into this point, Skyworth has managed to follow the tempo of each upgrade of display technology and keep innovating in the fields of color TV and other diversified products, which has provided the enterprise with a ceaseless dynamic force for progress and development.

    Earlier in 2016, Skyworth set a target to sell 200,000 OLED TVs, ten times the sales volume of last year at 20,000 sets. In fact, for the emerging OLED TV, this is not an incredible target, but a relatively conservative estimate. The promotion of OLED TV by Skyworth is good for advocating the healthy and environment friendly new display technology. With excellent image quality, we will replace our LCD TV with OLED TV in the incoming years. Whether from the perspective of image quality or from health, OLED has a promising future.

    The recognition by the capital market is a boost to the OLED TV sector of Skyworth. More and more customers have realized the prominent advantages of OLED TV. We are convinced that for Skyworth, the sales volume target and being listed among "Top 100 enterprises of Hong Kong" is just a new start point, since in whichever era, product is always the core values of an enterprise, while the "Spirit of the Craftsman" is an eternal pursuit of the mankind.