Skyworth Aims to Promote and Expand its O2O Direct-sale Stores of Household Appliances

July 29,2016

    Since its establishment, Skyworth has launched a large-scale itinerant exhibition in China for the first time, covering over 3,000 Skyworth O2O direct-sale stores in China region.

    Bypassing large chain stores and supermarkets of household appliances, and core business circles in 47 cities nationwide, Skyworth directly drove its caravans into urban communities to present its appliances to customers. 

    In household appliance sector, quite many enterprises, including household appliance manufacturers, retailers and service providers, are expanding their own O2O business. To advertise its O2O stores, Skyworth has input great efforts and lots of money. Then what is Skyworth's O2O direct-sale store?

    Under the wave of Internet+, Skyworth Group expects to build an O2O direct-sale system, an O2O direct-sale store channel of its own.

    Advanced Products, Cross-industry Cooperation

As a Chinese color TV brand that earns the most listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the globally first Chinese enterprise which achieves mass production of OLED TV certified by CCTV News, Skyworth Group has been familiar to Chinese customers for its technical strength and brand influence in electric appliance manufacturing industry.

    This time, besides high-end and people-friendly TV products, the Skyworth caravan exhibition tour also brought its whole series of household appliance such as air-conditioner, washing machine, fridge network STB, as well as the particularly noteworthy appliance from other enterprises such as Vatti and Breo.

    This exhibition tour, simply speaking, made it possible for customers to experience household appliances of all size ranging from water purifier to kitchen utensils in their communities instead of going to appliance shopping malls, or logging onto Taobao and JD Mall.

    As scheduled, the "Skyworth Marketing Carnival in Direct-sale Stores" themed itinerant exhibition simultaneously kicked off on July 16, 2016 in Taiyuan Shanxi and Xinxiang Henan will continue into December 2016.

    In the 47 cities where the O2O direct-sale stores are located, Skyworth will build its practical and customer-friendly brand image to narrow the gap between enterprise and customer, continuously promote direct-sale stores and offer preferences of "50% discount on the second item" to the customers.

    This time, Skyworth will achieve a face-to-face and zero-distance contact and communication with customers with its whole series of household appliance products, accept users’ strict inspection, and realize a new operation mode featured with direct sales in communities and at streets by sending its diversified, intelligent and high-tech products to customers’ living quarters.

    Available Onsite Service

    It was reported that the retail direct-sale mode at streets and communities has become a popular expansion direction in Chinese market. Whether retail giants familiar to us such as Suning and JD or big manufacturers such as Skyworth and Daikin are making bigger efforts to construct their O2O direct-sale mode.

    Driven by the popularization of the Internet, the boundary between manufacture and service and retail sectors has been broken gradually. Just as a proverb goes, "All paths lead to Rome".

    As time goes on, Skyworth's O2O direct-sale stores have expanded from the marketing of TV products to whole series of household appliances such as fridge, washing machine, air-conditioner, purifier and STB. Meanwhile, Skyworth O2O direct-sale stores have also been increasingly popular and recognized by brands of other industries and can meet the shopping demands of customers.

    Besides, customers who purchase Skyworth products from its O2O direct-sale stores can enjoy an additional 2-year warranty service valuing RMB 300-1,500 Yuan. Skyworth's O2O direct-sale stores will deliver the products to your house within 24 hours after you place an order, directly install the product for you and then service engineer of Skyworth will debug the product as per your demands and explain how to maintain it at the site.

    Therefore, we can see from the aforesaid measures that the core value of O2O direct-sale stores to be advocated by Skyworth is not just product selling; its service philosophy is more grounded and customer-friendly than any other previous sales channels.

    The extended warranty service, on-site installation and debugging as mentioned above are just a small part of the services provided by Skyworth O2O direct-sale stores.

    After the users purchase the products, the staff of Skyworth O2O direct-sale stores will establish an exclusive archive of household appliance for the users and provide one-to-one service. Within one week after the purchase, they will pay a return visit to the users to learn about their using experience. If you have any problem in using any function, you can make an appointment with a Skyworth O2O direct-sale store at any time for onsite instruction (available within 24 hours after the appointment). Within half a year after the purchase, the store will offer a professional cleaning service for your product. Besides, you can also enjoy the permanent “old for new” service. 

    Obviously these services were unimaginable in the past. It can be said that any Skyworth product is reliable and assuring to the customers and the onsite service has thoroughly eliminate their worries for after-sales services.

    "The onsite service is customer-friendly, timely and convenient, which is quite different from previous marketing modes where many channels, dealers and service providers are involved."
    "In order to improve customer experience and serve customers more effectively, Skyworth has opened 3,000 stores in the radiation area covering about 30,000 living quarters in 200 cities (above county level) after six years of accumulation and improvement, "said Dang Yali, supervisor of direct-sale department of Skyworth marketing headquarters in China region.

    Football+ VR+ Charity, More than Selling of Household Appliances

    Many customers habitually believe that this kind of activity is for marketing promotion. Substantially speaking, selling is one purpose, but not the only purpose for Skyworth. By virtue of this marketing activity, Skyworth discarded traditional selling mode, but included its latest high-tech experience and products and exciting football sport into its 47-city itinerant exhibition. For the customers, it is undoubtedly a great benefit.

    That is to say the itinerant exhibition is more than selling household appliances, but also provides the customers with a platform integrating leisure, entertainment, science and technology so that community residents can experience the life of smart home in the future.

    This March, Chinese football circle had two happy events. One is that the women's football team of China got a chance to return to Olympic Games after 8 years; the other is the men's football team of China entered the final round of World Cup Preliminaries of Asian region again after 15 years.

    On August 4, 2016, the women's football team of China will embark upon the battle for Olympic Games 2016. On September 1, the men's football team of China will embark upon the first battle of Final 12 of Asia in the preliminary of World Cup Russia 2018, which undoubtedly will be important moments in the history of football sport of China.

    As the official sponsor of China Team of Chinese Football Association (namely, the general term for China's national football teams at each level, including seven men and women's national football teams at each level), Skyworth will fight shoulder to shoulder with China's national football teams.

    Therefore, in order to create a hot atmosphere for Chinese people to follow up the football events, Skyworth has driven its caravans into living quarters and launched promotion activities two months in advance, which will also last until December and keep in pace with the whole processes of competitions such as Olympic Games and the Final of Asian Region of World Cup Preliminary that China Team takes part in.

    It was reported that the 16 m2 HD screen of the caravan will broadcast wonderful competition events for customers to allow customers cheer for the national football team players. 

    Additionally, in order to make more people fully feel the charm of football sport, fall in love with and participate in football sport and display the determination of Skyworth to support the Chinese football undertakings and the spirit of "optimism and activeness" delivered by football sport, Skyworth caravans will provide customers with the chance to watch wonderful football matches and classic instants of scoring goals, and experience activities such as "table soccer" and "football game" built in Skyworth TV and "posing for a photo with simulation models of football stars models".
    As to the experience of latest science and technology, along the exhibition route of the caravans, Skyworth not only presents its TV, fridge, washing machine, purifier, air-conditioner and STB products equipped with latest technologies, but also rolls out its smart home platform and VR devices to the customers nationwide successively.

    At the site of the caravan activities, Skyworth OLED TV series new products will be placed at the most eye-catching position. These new products boast a perfect black field performance, limitless contrast ratio, full view display and pure color performance. As to overall industrial design, Skyworth OLED TV can also be named as a fine home craft worth collecting. Matched with the decoration strips of crystal acrylic, it makes the whole machine body lighter and more flexible, and the first choice of wall-mounted TV.

    It's noteworthy that Skyworth VR wearable devices equipped with Coocaa system will also be exhibited at the same time. The scene perceived by the VR experiencers will be projected onto the TV screen wirelessly, so that the audience can directly see the scene perceived by the experiencers and clearly understand their feelings.
    This technology of Skyworth can enable more common customers to feel the shock of the technological revolution "virtual reality" and make it convenient for them to enjoy a better experience of videos and games.
    At the launching ceremony of Taiyuan Hubin Square, the first stop of Skyworth caravan itinerant exhibition in 2016, Skyworth Group promised to pay back to Shanxi users for their favor and support to Skyworth by donating materials worth 100,000 Yuan to the Charity Federation of Shanxi. It also promised seriously that during the 2-day caravan activity, customers that buy any product can receive a preference of an equal amount from Skyworth at the site if they are willing to donate money no more than 50 Yuan to the program "For Tomorrow, Caring about Children" of the Charity Federation of Shanxi.

    Mr. He Ziyi, executive vice president of Charity Federation of Shanxi arrived at the site to accept the loving donation from Skyworth Group on behalf of the program and expressed his high recognition for the donation of Skyworth Group.

    “Chinese market is Skyworth’s core region”, said Yang Dongwen, president of Skyworth Group, “in the changing market, Skyworth has always adhered to its diversification and intelligence strategy, focused on actively improving its product structure, oriented around the customers, accelerated the improvement of product technologies and quality, and finally achieved sustainable growth.

    According to the disclosed data, during the financial year of 2015/16, the proportion of sales volume of Skyworth 4K smart TV in Chinese mainland market has risen abruptly to 27.8%, up 101.6% year on year; digital STB and liquid crystal modules have achieved a turnover of 3.99 billion HK dollars in Chinese mainland market, up 38.7% year on year; while its white household appliances achieved a sale amount of 2.156 billion HK dollars in Chinese mainland market, rising by 13.8% from previous year.

    Based on its far-reaching product innovation, technology update and a quick insight into the market change, and especially in the bottleneck period of Chinese color TV sold in Chinese mainland market, Skyworth Group has set an annual sales goal of sustainable growth in Chinese mainland market for the financial year 2016/17, including 11 million color TV sets (200,000 OLED organic TV sets); 1.60 fridges; 1 million washing machines, etc.