Skyworth miniStation Unveiled in the First MMEC Competition

July 18,2016

    On the afternoon of July 18 Beijing Time, Tencent and Skyworth Digital launched a news release for Tencent miniStation in Beijing. Witnessed by over 100 media, players and guests at the site, a new generation of cross-screen smart Skyworth miniStation was unveiled officially. Meanwhile, the first Tencent miniStation Mobile Entertainment Competition (MMEC) also kicked off, attracting a lot of attention from the participants and audience.

    All-round improvement in both software and hardware: Skyworth miniStation debuted brilliantly

    As a new generation of cross-screen smart play station, miniStation has launched an unprecedented gaming experience, supported projection onto the TV at your sitting room. As many as eight players can play the game at the same time. It has rapidly attracted attention from different parties and has been considered as an important signal that Android platform will march into the market of living room games. In fact, under the leading of miniStation, a new wave of miniStation has been aroused in less than a year. Since it is popular among the electronic game lovers, many enterprises have joined the market in succession. miniStation has become a wind vane for mobile gaming.

    Under the driving of the market, Tencent rolled out its 2nd generation of miniStation, which was jointly developed with powerful Skyworth Digital. Compared with the previous generation, Skyworth miniStation has been updated in all aspects. Skyworth miniStation has been designed based on tens of thousands of feedbacks from the users to roll out a totally new interaction logic and user interface, a more delicate body and a more preferential price. Its game contents are also increasingly diversified and customized, so that the product is closer to users’ entertainment habits. The combination of a low-profile appearance and T-shaped colored LED lamps has made it give off a strong feel of technology and fashion under the aesthetic interaction of light and electricity.

    Currently, Skyworth miniStation has been sold on JD Mall, its standard version is priced 499 Yuan, while its special version equipped with a professional joystick is priced 599 Yuan. Meanwhile, as long as you buy a Skyworth miniStation, you will receive a game gift pack worth 299 Yuan and Tencent video 90-day VIP.

    As Tian Gang, the person in charge of Tencent Intelligent Equipment Innovation Center, disclosed on the event that Tencent will also roll out mobile VR program based on miniStation in the near future, which will also adhere to the ecology principle of "Open and Inter-connected, Sharing the Interests" and achieve a win-win situation with partners. Besides, Tencent is also speeding up its deployment in VR and AR games, wishing to meet and surpass the demands of users and enhance the life quality of users through Internet based services.

    Eye-catching: MMEC kicked off officially

    At the news release, other than rolling out Skyworth miniStation which attracted players’ eyes, Tencent also officially declared the opening of the first MMEC. SKY Li Xiaofeng, the first person of electronic gaming in China also came to the site and played at the site with each partner with the Skyworth miniStation, which was watched by over 700,000 audiences on six live broadcast platforms such as Longzhu Live Broadcast, Panda TV, Lehai Live Broadcast, Quanmin TV, Huomao TV and Huya Live Broadcast. MMEC (miniStation Mobile Entertainment Competition) is a mobile entertainment competition led by Tencent, which is divided into three parts, namely, City competition, CJ performance competition and final. The competition content is fully open to mobile entertainment game, so the players can be more extensive. The competition uses miniStation + nubia Z11 Max mobilephone as the main competition devices, which has not only enhanced the competitive nature of the mobile event, but also improved its visual value.

    The MMEC was fully opened, integrating six hottest mobilephone games such as We MOBA, Wefire, Crisis Action, Drift, Run and Warship. The competition was divided into three parts, City competition, CJ performance competition and final. Since the launching ceremony, players can sign up at 100 themed stores and on online qualification platforms in 12 cities (Beijing, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Xi'an, Chengdu and Wuhan). From July 23 to the end of August, a scramble for championship will be launched in 12 cities. And the final will kick off in Chengdu in September. It was reported that the total award of the whole event is near a million Yuan, including prizes such as mobile phone, earphone and game gift pack.

    Schedule of MMEC:
    1. On July 18, MMEC was officially launched.
    2. From July 23 to August 30: City competition is held in 12 cities for six weeks, scrambling for the championship.
    3. From July 28 to August 2: ChinaJoy performance competition
    4. From September 10 to 11: The final kicks off.

    The fierce MMEC is ongoing. Let's wait and see.

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