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Skyworth Attended IFA: Its Performance in Europe Grew by Tenfold, Metz OLED Debuted in Europe

    Germany IFA 2016 kicked off in Berlin on September 2. As a leading brand of China’s TV industry, Skyworth has become the spotlight on the exhibition and caught the attention with its various high-end products. In recent years, Skyworth has actively expanded European market and achieved a wonderful performance, making it more attractive on the exhibition.

    IFA (International Funkausstellung Berlin) is the largest consumer electronic product exhibition in the world and one of the most important international exhibitions in the global consumer electronics industry. This year Skyworth joined hands with Metz again to addend the unprecedented large-scale exhibition (the venue reached 850 ㎡), indicating Skyworth’s determination to launch a massive expand in European market.
    Double brands advance together

    Since Skyworth acquired Metz, a German old TV brand, it has applied the "Skyworth+Metz" double-brand strategy in Europe, speeded up its market expansion and achieved a rapid growth against the trend. In the past year, Skyworth has made its presence felt in the markets of eleven European countries such as France, Spain and Italy, achieving a business volume growth by over tenfold and a sales amount exceeding 100 million US dollars. Compared with the overseas performance of other Chinese household appliance brands in the same period, it has speeded up against the trend. With the deepening of market expansion and further promotion of high-end OLED products, Skyworth’s business in Europe will maintain a momentum of rapid growth.
    IFA is a good opportunity for Skyworth to promote its international image and expand the European market, to which Skyworth Group has attached great importance. Senior leaders of Skyworth have attended the event, including Ms. Lin Weiping, former chairman of the board, Mr. Yang Dongwen, president of Skyworth Group and Liu Tangzhi, president of the RGB color TV business headquarters of Skyworth Group. On the event, Mr. Yang Dongwen made a wonderful speech, introducing the internationalization blueprint of Skyworth to the European media. In domestic market, Skyworth will continue to maintain its leadership in the market share of color TV and digital set top box. In the aspect of internationalization, Skyworth will stride forward: On one hand, it will conquer European and American markets by virtue of high-end brand, on the other hand, it will quickly cut into emerging countries in agency mode. In the future, Skyworth Group will strengthen the development of diversified smart home products such as fridge, washing machine and air-conditioner on the foundation of its color TV business, with an aim to achieve an income of 100 billion Yuan and become a globally leading enterprise by 2020.

    This year is the second time for Skyworth and Metz to attend IFA together. Yang Dongwen said to the media, after the acquisition, the teams of Skyworth and Metz worked well with each other and increasingly trusted each other. Metz has restored to its level before bankruptcy and achieved a significant development in French and Italian markets. Relying on Germany’s manufacturing technologies and Skyworth’s capital supply chain, the acquisition is set to be win-win for both enterprises. Dr. Kotzbauer, the CEO of Metz, has recognized the performance achieved by Skyworth and expressed his confidence in its expansion strategy for European market. Dr. Kotzbauer has analyzed Skyworth’s current status from four perspectives, industrial structure, product types, commercial mode and development region. Under the precondition of sustainable and profiting growth, he has pertinently raised several strategic development modes. He was firmly convinced that under the joint efforts of both sides, the "Skyworth+Metz" double-brand strategy will surely make a great achievement in European market.
    Metz OLED debut+ volume production in Europe

    On IFA, the OLED products of Skyworth were eye-catching. OLED display technology represents the cutting-edge field of TV technology nowadays. The 4-color HDR technology has added more radiance to OLED. Thus far, companies such as Apple, Philip and Samsung have been studying OLED technology. An industrial alliance of OLED has even been established in Europe to speed up the development of related OLED products. Skyworth has taken the initiative to roll out several OLED products, deserving the title of a leader in the era of OLED.

    Following the S9300 released last year, Skyworth has released two products in this time, S9-I and S9D, which has enriched its OLED scope. Overturning the passive lighting of LED screen relying on its backlight, OLED has achieved independent lighting of each sub-pixel, which can realize a limitless low black field brightness and a limitless high contrast ratio by closing the pixels. The image quality is bright and deep and can bring you a superior visual enjoyment; besides, its appearance was designed by the industrial design team of Skyworth that has won big design prizes such as Red Dot Award, IF Award of Germany and IDEA Award of the US, becoming another surprise to the audience. Its audio system cooperated with JBL presented a fantastic audio quality. Skyworth OLED TV has conquered the audience in both vision and audio. With Skyworth’s technologies, Metz has taken the initiative to roll out its first-ever OLED TV and has achieved volume production in Europe this year. The alliance between Skyworth and Metz has achieved win-win cooperation and mutual benefits.

    Other than OLED TV, other products at the center of the exhibition hall such as the 98-inch 8K TV, 55-inch double-screen TV and Smart TV have also won extensive praises for their superior experience and designs. Under the guide of the philosophy of "Being a Thorough Productist", Skyworth has won acclaim from the audience for its perfecting products.
    Smart home+ VR leading the future life

    Another highlight of the IFA this year was Skyworth’s smart home product series. VR products developed by Skyworth’s subsidiary Coocaa can achieve content-user-backstage integrated operation, and provide diversified service experiences involving videos, games, education, tourism, shopping and sports. With technologies such as voice recognition, gesture recognition and eye-ball tracking, it has taken the lead in the industry in aspects of authenticity and fluency, which enabled wearers to feel a more fabulous video and gaming experience like on the scene, making audience at site experience the product actively.

    Skyworth’s smart home appliances were exhibited at the smart home exhibition area, including the smart fridge, washing machine, air-conditioner, security products, sweeping robot, smart mattress, smart curtain, health examination device, smart vase, smart control lock, elderly nursing machine, and the like. The development of such easy-to-operate and high intelligent products indicated Skyworth’s determination to deploy the smart home industry. In recent years, Skyworth has properly deployed the industrial layout of smart home, and Nanjing Skyworth Electrical Appliance, Skyworth Qunxin Security and Smart Home have developed rapidly. In the coming five years, Skyworth will spare no efforts to promote the R&D of smart home and surely bring us new surprises.