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What’s the focus of CES? Black Technology, Alliance between Giants, or Future World? Only Skyworth Is Enough

    Every year, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a superexcellent platform for large domestic and abroad enterprises to show their power, spread brand image and look for customers. 2017 CES was held in Las Vegas on January 5th local time. Years of efforts, Chinese enterprises have become a force to be reckoned with on this platform. As a participator in many CESs, Skyworth develops with high speed by virtue of intellectualization, refinement and internationalization strategies. On such grand international stage, Skyworth brought OLED, AR TV, Android TV, Cast TV and Smart Home hall providing with various functions, dazzling visitors continuously with technological revolution. 

    In such splendid CES, people may want to see vehicles or AI, and I say Skyworth is great enough to see. 

    Leading by OLED, various black tech products are on show

    First impression left by Skyworth exhibition hall is big. As shown in the following picture, half of the entrance area was occupied, so to speak Skyworth wins honor for Chinese brands.

    In the front of exhibition hall, several exhibition areas are divided behind the huge logo. The first thing leaps to the eyes is OLED products mainly publicized by Skyworth. As a black technology of color TV industry, OLED has been popularized increasingly. With its Self-luminous source based on organic thin-film, which has the advantages of ultrathin, ultra-wide visual angle, fine flexibility, high color gamut and quick response, etc., OLED has been recognized and favored highly by consumers. Being surrounded by many OLED products from some large booths in this CES, as a president organization of China’s OLED display industry association, Skyworth Group was always a strong supporter and participator of OLED technology development and will present the latest OLED products to audiences in this CES.

    A double side OLED screen stands in the entrance of Skyworth exhibition hall. It’s indeed a perfect OLED product from any aspect, and all audiences marveled at its black tech it uses.  

    Consisted of more than 30 units of S9-I, this OLED matrix makes the entire hall a scientific fiction like a cyclone flying to the Milky Way.

    In the exhibition, Skyworth brings S9D, S9300 and many other latest OLED TVs to display the clearest and most beautiful pictures around the exhibition hall. 

    Although OLED is eye-catching, with respect to the most popular product of Skyworth booth, the worldwide premiere AR (Augmented Reality) smart TV launched lately could be deemed as the hot product of Skyworth and even the CES; its excellent interactive experience and abundant interaction contents are major factors to capture consumers. As the first OLED smart TV introducing AR technology, Skyworth S9D aims at enriching interactive modes of large screen recreation for home entertainment and upgrading sensory experience. Now, the experience of Skyworth AR TV has preliminarily built and is provided with various apps concerning children education, AR motion sensing games, sports & fitness, shopping & fitting, etc. 
    A long queue formed in Skyworth exhibition hall. What are they looking at?

    They are all waiting to experience AR and VR products of Skyworth.

    Here is an American TV station giving a report on site. 

    In addition, as a new product of Skyworth, G9 has made its debut. Equipped with 65 inch screen and characterized by DOLBY VISION (with wider color gamut and high dynamic range (HDR) to add richer and larger color gamut into the pictures.) and DOLBY ATMOS (combining with new audio mixing and sound orientation of dynamic objects and playing track to make audiences surrounded by sounds and to bringing them into the film with lively sensory experience.). Both images and sounds can bring the experiencers immersive experience.

    Some audiences are too attracted to leave. 

    Skyworth + GOOGLE, alliance between giants explains real interconnection

    In this CES, one of the most amazing discoveries in Skyworth exhibition hall was Android TV and Cast TV in cooperation with GOOGLE. Although Skyworth keeps a low profile and doesn’t propagandize products vigorously, but audiences pay great attention to them, especially foreign audiences are very interested and consult constantly. 

    (Android TV and Cast TV are two internet TV modes of GOOGLE. The former uses the built-in officially certified Android system to achieve TV intellectualization; and the later uses the built-in Chrome Cast to achieve projection of mobile screen. These two types of TV cover the current mainstream modes of internet TV in the world.) 

    As an enterprise with rapid international development, the cooperation between Skyworth and GOOGLE not only made preparation for international dream, but also opened up a new world of internet TV for overseas consumers. 

    Close to the future, only because of pioneering efforts

    The Skyworth exhibition area of Smart Home is crowded by people to appreciate the new smart life in the future, and the achievement and layout of intellectualization more from every aspect are shown here. Lately, Skyworth declared three strategic layouts “intellectualization, refinement and internationalization” and determined “intellectualization” as the first priority of industrial upgrading and layout. Based on the experience of smart screen for nearly 30 years, Skyworth has completed the layout of a full set of smart home solutions. After satisfying all family members’ demands on smart life, Skyworth has extended the smart screen business outside of the user’s home to look for a full set of smart community solutions, and at the same time actively deploy the strategy of smart city.

    Skyworth Smart Community has been preliminarily put into attempts for the ultimate goal of realizing smart city layout. 

    Skyworth Smart Home exhibition area exhibits nearly one hundred types of smart products of Skyworth, including common products such as smart refrigerators, smart washing machines and smart sockets, special products such as smart locks and smart vases, and peculiar products such as smart voice robots developed independently by Skyworth. All these products form a real smart home scene to be experienced, achieve a full set of smart home solutions, and show a foreseeable future.

    Skyworth Smart Home exhibition area also attracted a Spanish journalist to give a live report.