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The Real “TV Magnate”: Skyworth Brand Value Ranking in the First Place of TV Industry

    On January 9th, 2017, the 11th Brand Value Research Report Presentation Conference of Top 300 Chinese Electronic Enterprises unitedly sponsored by CECA, CBSR and China Brand Website, was held in China National Convention Center of Beijing. Report shows that Skyworth brand value has realized leaping growth in 2016 from 65.889 billion yuan in 2015 to 83.232 billion yuan, which ranks in the 13th place of Chinese electronic enterprises and 1st of TV industry. Thus, “TV Magnate” deserves the reputation absolutely.

    On the same day, the National Science and Technology Award Conference was held in Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli were present at the conference and awarded the prizes to the winners. The project “Key Technology and Application of DTMB System Internationalization and Industrialization” in which Skyworth participated representing Chinese color TV enterprises, had the honor to win the “First Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress”. It indicates that Skyworth, as “Technological Leader”, is leading the way from “Made in China” to “Made by China”. 

    Striking Brand Value Dropping of Traditional Electronic Enterprises & High-speed Growth of Skyworth 

    In this electronic brand value assessment, the organizing committee not only issued the list of top 300 enterprises in terms of brand value, and even firstly issued the list of top 100 electronic enterprises in terms of operating revenues and top 100 enterprises in terms of profits. 

    It was found that, the most successful electronic enterprises of the year were closely linked with “Traffic FMCG”. BAT provided traffic with contents; as the profit winner, CMCC provided traffic with bandwidth; as the revenue winner, Foxconn provided traffic with hardware; as the first brand value winner, Huawei provided traffic with equipment. 

    The brand value of traditional electronic enterprises, including famous electrical appliance brands such as Changhong, Xoceco and Konka, decreased by over 50%. On the one hand, durable goods represented by traditional electrical appliances contrasted sharply with traffic FMCG represented by smartphone traffic; on the other hand, back-end charging mode such as LeTV caused a great impact to traditional hardware sales mode. 

    In such rough marketing environment, Skyworth opposed the trend to deliver remarkable results and increase brand value to 83.232 billion yuan in 2016 from 65.889 billion yuan in 2015. During 2013 to 2015, Skyworth has had the honor to win the first place of LCD TV brand value of China for 3 consecutive years. 

    Facing the new challenge of back-end charging mode, Skyworth has implemented the countermeasure “hard and soft combination” and successfully transformed to an enterprise that sales smart products:

    With respect to “soft”, Skyworth has developed the strategic cooperation with IQIYI, a leading online video brand in China based on total activated web TVs of more than 20 million users, to promote the recreation experience of living rooms to a large extent through GITV, a TV integrated broadcasting control platform, and step up to a new stage for recreation of living rooms from contents to personalized services;

    With respect to “hard”, Skyworth has upgraded the strategic cooperation with China’s aerospace industry, to produce high-quality products by the spirit of craftsmen and treat scientific and technological research and development by the spirit of astronauts; finally, Skyworth has successfully researched and developed core products represented by OLED self-luminescence TV.

    The sales announcement issued by Skyworth Digital (00751. HK) dated December 2016 showed that, there were 615,100 4K smart TVs among Chinese market’s total sales volume of 1,192,000 TVs, about which the year-on-year growth rate reached 65%. During April to December 2016, total sales volume of Skyworth TVs achieved 12,960,000, and the year-on-year growth rate reached 18%.

    Skyworth Fighting Its Way to Create “No. 1 OLED Brand of China”

    Skyworth has always adhered to the development concept of technical innovation, and has led and promoted industrial transformation and upgrading in color TV field, a core industry for many times, and its independent R&D in OLED field, the third generation of display technology, made it the pioneer in the industry and built up “No. 1 OLED Brand of China”. 

    As the black technology of color TV industry, the self-luminescence source of OLED based on organic thin-film, is characterized by ultrathin and ultra-wide visual angle, fine flexibility, high color gamut and quick response, etc. At the beginning of popularization, many enterprises kept at arm's length from OLED due to technical immaturity.

    Thanks to unique insights, Skyworth firmly grasped this opportunity to develop the brand sharply. 

    Early in 2013, Skyworth launched the first OLED TV in China. In 2016, Skyworth successively applied HDR, AR and other leading technologies in OLED TV, and launched the first OLED TV researched and developed independently by China. The sub-brand Coocaa also followed its pace to launch the first OLED internet TV. 

    In the meantime, Skyworth extended local advantages to the global market. In September 2016, the sub-brand Metz launched the first OLED TV of Europe, and fully marched into Germany-dominated European market, building up global influence and taking market position. 

    As the first enterprise centering on large screen TV to develop smart home, Skyworth actively embraces the opportunities of industrial and consuming upgrading and drives transformation and upgrading in the manner of simultaneous development of technical innovation and model innovation, according to three strategies “internationalization, intellectualization and refinement”, in order to facilitate group business development and march into the smart community, smart city and other fields. 

    It was mentionable that Skyworth’s exhibition scale and product lineup became the biggest in history in 2016 IFA and 2017 CES. For this new change, Mr. Lai Weide, Board Chairman of Skyworth Digital Holdings Ltd. said that the repeating appearance of Skyworth in IFA and CES is aiming to improve international influence of Skyworth Brand by showing acceleration of global layout, and meanwhile expand international business by international operation in order to ensure realization of Skyworth’s operation target of 100 billion yuan.