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SKYWORTH set to lead the transformation of smart appliances with Q80 series TV, the first big screen device of AIoT ecosystem

SKYWORTH, the pioneer in big-screen AIoT and a leading global television brand, revealed its first ever AIoT ecosystem, Swaiot™, with its core components exclusively invented by SKYWORTH. The Q80 series TV, being the Swaiot™ CENTER, supports the integration of smart devices within the household while TrensAI™ enhances interaction with users by taking advantage of the TV’s big-screens. Both together create an unprecedented user experience of a smart lifestyle.


Establishment of Swaiot™ ecosystem hub connects smart home devices


The first batch of 5G terminals are expected to go into mass production in this year. Characterized by wide bandwidth, great stability and low latency, 5G will help the IoT industry achieve the goal of IoE (Internet of Everything). The latest talk of the town focuses on the take-off of 5G for commercial use which expedites the merge of AI and IoT to become the brain of smart devices. As AI and IoT technologies keep progressing, more and more companies recognize the strategic significance of AIoT development.

Featuring a big-screen, Q80 has absolute advantages over the smart speakers currently available in the market. Q80 provides not only a better experience of voice-user interface (VUI) than smart speakers, but also a visualization of the status of various smart devices which offers accurate user guidance of voice control.  

SKYWORTH innovatively incorporated a trio-screen design into the Q80 televisions. While the main screen displays usual television contents, the secondary screen TrensAI™ AOD (Always on Display) displays interactive information. The two screens are physically separated but interconnected by software. Users can receive notifications of smart home devices without interruption of the contents on the main screen. The third screen of Q80 can be used to control the music while the television’s main screen is off, providing even more interactive options for users. In additional, SKYWORTH has created the TrensAI™, an ‘intelligent butler’, which allows TrensAI™ AOD 24-hour standby for real-time assistance to users.


Thanks to the AI intelligent scene recognition by TrensAI™ EYE, the Swaiot™ CENTER and other Swaiot™ smart devices can now make real-time synchronization automatically. Furthermore, with the latest Swaiot™ version of CooCaa system, TrensAI™ EYE offers a series of practical yet futuristic features, such as dual-screen interaction, viewing distance detection, big screen photography, etc. The Q80's TrensAI™ EYE is a retractable camera that allows users to enjoy the technologies without compromise of privacy and security.

SKYWORTH positions the Q80 series TV as the core product to accelerate the overall development of smart living. Through enriching AIoT ecosystem and enhancing user experience, televisions are significantly value-added and regain competitiveness in the market. Under the new brand propositions and brand strategies, SKYWORTH is eager to seize opportunities at the dawn of the big-screen AIoT era and endeavor to pioneer the transformation of the home appliance industry.


Unveiling the new TV era with immersive audio visual experiences


Designed as the Swaiot™ CENTER, the Q80 series TV offers unparalleled visual quality, audio quality and system performance. With the SKYWORTH’s latest proprietary picture chip, Chameleon Extreme AI Image Chip Pro, the Q80 series TV realizes a complete enhancement on color, contrast, sharpness, motion and skin tone through the newly added color enhancer and AI Scene Recognition Pro technologies.

SKYWORTH Q80 series TV


The Q80 series TV is equipped with 10 speakers in 4 audio channels, altogether firing up to 50W audio output and a peak power of 200W. With the up-tilted audio path and the cutting-edge sound filter system, the Q80 series TV creates a high-quality sound field covering the top and all corners of the living room, realizing the true Dolby Atmos audio experience.

Equipped with top-notch hardware configuration, elite-quality TV chip and processor, 4GB DDR4 memory, and 128GB storage space, the Q80 series is set to deliver the best TV experience to users. Supplemented with SKYWORTH’s proprietary CooCaa 7.5 system, the Q80 series creates an unprecedented entertainment platform that accurately grasps user's viewing preferences through big data analysis and enhances the overall streaming experience.


SKYWORTH Q80 series TV will be first available in China Market recently, pricing at RMB29,999 and RMB39,999 for the 75” and 82” model respectively.